Services – Program Management Consulting

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Areas of Service:

•Cost and Schedule Analysis

•Acquisition and Life Cycle Planning

•Mentoring and Key Personnel Training

•Business Process Improvement

•Staff Augmentation


We have all managed projects, and people excel at people skills (up and down the ladder).  We can provide cost and schedule estimates and look for other opportunities to use your product in markets you may not have considered.  

Ideal Customer:

The project lead or manager that is new or the old salts that need to find better ways of dealing with people.  We can assist in team-building ideas, just be a sounding board, or when you just want to rant and would like someone you can talk with to work out frustrations, be it with management or personnel or sub-contractors.  Think of us when you just want a second or third opinion of your situation.  This service, in particular, is more one-on-one personal and confidential resources for working out problems.

Examples of actual work previously done