About Us

The Iceni Group is a small business consulting firm that specializes in Corporate and Individual Project enhancements.  We offer several services, including a new option of on-the-job training that provides training and advice throughout a project.  Think of the on-the-job training as a PMP crash course, focusing on real life, while you will still need to learn the PMI vocabulary and take the test to become a PMP, the hours you spend on your current project do count against PMI qualifying hours.

Our first course on Systems Engining is now a package to be purchased.

We also have many years of Program Management and Business Development expertise.

At the Iceni Group, our focus is on the passion for engineering and making sure our clients get the best service.  While we focus on Program/Project Management, internal (inside your company) or external (part of a team of contractors) we are also available as a second pair of eyes on a problem, sound-boarding, dealing with difficult people, or if you just want to rant in a private setting.

Every Client is treated with respect and privacy in our work with your company.  We do not expose any ongoing work to anyone, but you and will not use you as a reference without your permission.  We instead depend on your satisfaction with our work and you passing on our value to others.

Executive Profiles – Top four Team Leads and your Agile Team

Mike Provines (CEO) – Graduate of Electrical Engineering from George Mason with a background in system Operations and Maintenance, requirements management, team leadership, and unconventional thinking.  Over 25 years of experience and have worked on every continent, save Antarctica, and am well versed in several cultures and a polymath.  Having served on several proposals and as Lead Systems Engineer and Project/Program Management.

Randall Katz (CTO) – A graduate of Carnegie Mellon and the University of Illinois in Electrical Engineering.  He advanced in his career from Systems Developer to Senior Systems Manager to Director of Engineering. Expertise in aligning Engineers, Technology, and Business demands to mitigate risks, increase profitability, and improve worker efficiency. Over 25 years of government contracting experience, including 12 years managing Defense programs.  He has also mastered the art of simplifying processes to boost efficiency.

Carlton Teel (CIO) – A graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi in Computer Science, most of his career was spent in Software Engineering and IT, and as a Systems Engineer and mentor to new arrivals. He was involved in building systems in every aspect (vendor selection, design, build, optimization, deployment, maintenance, and software development) of both in-house and deployed systems.  Additionally, all systems are built to meet customer security hardening compliance—over 30 years of government contracting with some commercial experience.  His attention to detail and coding design and product always considers the end customer.